The Shack

bg_sqpost_wholly.jpgUnless nestled in the Hills or in Studio City with the likes of a Clooney, why tolerate being landlocked, nor in a part of town that pretends to be a City when it is not?

Yes, there’s a lot happening in East Hollywood, but apparently I arrived about three years too early!

The W Hotel & Residences in Hollywood estimate completion of their project to be sometime in 2009. And given they will have a large footprint in Hollywood, and will untimately be providing the much needed amenities like ink-free himbos, bliss spa and dry cleaning, why live in a wasteland or with wrinkled sheets if you don’t have too? Besides I fear for the safety of my Benz. Really.

So I had three choices. 1) Buy a Hummer, 2) Head more east (and I’m not talking about Silver Lake), OR 3), head back to the beach for my remaining 275-ish days.

I went back to the beach. I found an adorable one bedroom with terrace and views, conveniently nestled by the Viceroy. (I must confess the outdoor space and breezy climate has spoiled me so.)

bg_sqpost_shack1.jpgAnd to ensure that a girl stays firmly planted for her remaining days… she dug in her Gucci heels and umm… took on a project. Yes, the shack. (I told you I was a real estate junkie!) What can I say, she was in need of love, she was in a prime part of Santa Monica, and hello, they accepted my well on target offer. Who knew? If all goes well, I will either rent or flip in spring. Or you never know, girl might very well get to utilize it. A la Kwas Space II.

It will be my little Mondy by the Sea.

Eventually. I will channel Schrager and Starck. Really. You’ll see.

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