Walk in Clooney’s shoes


Brand Girl almost acquired (and we all know almost doesn’t count), as part of her empire, one pair of shoes worn by George Clooney in a commercial photo shoot. They’re white, they’re Salavatore Ferragamo, and they’ve supposedly graced the soles of George, the high-water mark by which all men are measured.

But no, those feet pictured are not Clooney’s. Those dogs actually belong to a friend of mine, an ad boy who clearly was entertained by dangling his recent acquisition in front of yours truly. I however, was equally amused by the fact that my ad boy was not willing to part with the ill-fitting props (citing something about ebay and potential trust fund for baby), and that he was giddy to the point of offering this BG visitation rights: “perhaps you could dine with them, you know, order the shoe some wine, have a lovely tete a tete….” But I’m neither a gullible star-struck teenager or blog-mistress, and just like George knows how to draw the line, so do I.

So let me, the brandinista set the record straight, and cease the heckling and gawking (as ad boy is not the only one). It is true that I have pages in my manuscript allocated to studying “George” the brand, but hey, can you blame me? Who, regardless of size (13) wouldn’t want to follow or walk a mile in the shoes of the sexiest man alive? He’s aspirational: men want to be him, and women want to date him. And who doesn’t admire a man that respects himself? Who doesn’t respect a man that makes space for his family and friends, and the world at large? Need I go on?

So thanks, but I have no need to touch any shoes that may or may not be George’s (as the final spot fails to show any proof).

And as they say (lovingly) in my eastneck hometown, “I only know two kinds of men who wear white shoes… and well, you’re not a George Clooney.


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