Staying in the game

Yesterday I spent the better part of the night consoling a friend. Well, actually I was talking him off the ledge. And no it wasn’t because the USA was trampled by Eastern Block boys during the World Cup. My friend was in the midst of a heated dispute with his company, things were ugly, and he was all ready to – yes, say it with me – hand in his resignation. He was convinced that quitting rather than staying in the game was to be the most brilliant of moves, and the perfect *f–k* you. Yes, it would had been a kick in the pants, but not to the company. I also knew that any feeling of victory would had been short lived. Kinda of like how you feel after you realized that in one single sitting, without any assist from others, you’ve eatten a whole pint of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream. Or perhaps, like you feel when you walk out on your date. Hmmm.

Is a properly placed dramatic exit effective, or not?

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