bgpost_kaching.jpgIs it now politically correct
to be fiscally responsible?

Shopping at discount stores is making more sense to an increasingly dollar-conscious consumer. Yes, I am dollar-conscious. Despite what my dad (a.k.a. my creative accountant) might think, I know exactly where my conscience is, and exactly where my dollars are spent. Yet, I still enjoy the ever-so-decadent stroll through a fashionable boutique, and the rush of the even more decadent purchase. I do realize that any drop at such a store could potentially buy a season’s worth of outfits at Target for my five nieces – as my sisters are quick to remind me. There was a time my new pair of Manolo Blahnik or Miu Miu shoes would draw looks of both envy and respect from them – hence honoring the trifecta of shoes, watch, haircut. But is it me, or my brand conscience, that now sees a disapproving gleam in those looks? One that triggers memories of Sister Mary Austin back in high school, eyeing my too-short uniform skirt. And memories of my mom’s icy glare (which her genes transferred to me) as the girl went in for a second helping of the – “do you really need those?” – mashed potatoes. (I *love* mashed potatoes.)

Is it wrong that the shoes on my feet cost as much as a swingset at Costco? (Yes, both Jenn and Christine, told me.) In my defense, both the shoes and the swingset carried loads, and they both serve a purpose for each household. Plus, I can swing in my Blahniks. Even though I live in a household of one with enough disposable income for more, should I always be pinching pennies?

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