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Everyone loves airline startup JetBlue.

They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde. They’re good ones, but nonetheless, they’re about blondes.), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or more comfortable in first class (who isn’t), yet when in a clinch, what makes them spend $300 to fly cross-country instead of chartering for megabucks? These boys say that JetBlue saves their day. They like getting where they need to be without fuss – and without paying a gazillion dollars. They are happy to make the tradeoff, because they know up front what they’re getting, or not getting, like food. But really, when flying coach, does food really matter anymore? Instead, JetBlue serves up what people want most: affordable, efficient, on-demand flying. They’re penny-smart and stylish.

And JetBlue provides consumers with affordable options, like planning last-minute getaways to a tango festival, or perhaps a rendezvous with Mr. Sometimes. It has also aided me in learning more about my audience, including Mr. Sometimes himself.

My Mr. Sometimes, who desperately wants to be considered an International Man of Mystery, was recently back in the States, in San Jose. We had planned to meet later on in his trip. Then, he called to cancel our plans – feeding me a story about not being able to get flights – and adding a dash of testosterone in the form of a story about not wanting to lead a girl on./p>


First of all, despite what my tango partners may think, these days a girl is only led where she chooses to be led. But more importantly, this girl instantly went online and called his bluff, given she knew damn well that he could have been within her radius within hours and within budget, thanks to JetBlue. He was blowing smoke on both counts.

The moral of the story?
(Whether brand or boy,) before you board, check your flight times, seat selection and testosterone level to get your story straight. Customize your message correctly. Otherwise, be prepared for no sale – and possibly no return.

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