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Just Keep Swimming

What I love most about my #birthday #portrait is the spontaneity of how it all came together. First off, receiving these balloons just made my birthday morning. The vibrant colors, the two fish being symbolic of my astrological sign… it’s just the right amount of adult cuteness. And as soon as I saw them, I knew they could work for a project I’m involved in. So. Boom. Before I knew it––I was in art director… read more »

Ms. Lyons & Co. are Listening and Delivering

Last summer, freelance writer Jenni Avins penned an open letter to Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew.  It was published on The Cut. The letter was actually a wistful plea for the company to bring back a basic swimsuit that simply worked for Anvins: the scoop-back tank. And Anvins was very specific in her request. “What I want is smooth, taut fabric that stretches from my shoulders over my chest and ribcage, with hip-high leg holes and… read more »

First Kiss is a Lovely Hit

If you are a rom-com junkie, you’re going to love this short video called First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva. Like good foreplay, the premise teased us. It suggested that twenty random strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. Hmm. Intriguing setup. The tease and kisses pay off. Watching it will remind you of those warm, awkward and fuzzy moments that ignite the beginning stages of a budding romance. The video is engaging and seemingly organic. Well, organic as it could… read more »

Djokovic: Finally, a bad boy relationship that works

I fell in love with tennis almost five years ago. I was in Paris. I was supposed to rendezvous with a boy, but that plan never got put into play. In high Parisian style, with the Eiffel looming in the background and a Hermès suitcase propped by my side, I was unceremoniously dumped via text. Now, the boy retained the rights to the pied-à-terre, but the tickets to the French Open, to his dismay later… read more »

Taking stock of JCP

I was one of many smitten with the “new” JC Penney commercials that aired last month during the Oscars, the ones featuring the likeable Ellen DeGeneres. It was refreshing to see spots that relied heavily on good old-fashioned storytelling to deliver a solid message, and with no blatant ploy to get a quick rise out of a social media marker. Advertising Age reports that the “Roman Returns” spot in particular—in which Ms. DeGeneres is transported… read more »

A Gap––in Leadership.

For unjustified reasons in my brand eyes, the management at the Gap, the lagging clothing retailer, recently conjured up a new logo and unceremoniously launched it to the world. “Unceremoniously” refers to the fact that there was no launch, no announcement, no PR campaign—just the silent shifting of the old logo guard to the new on the company website. Despite the lack of fanfare, the new logo was not only noticed, but was royally rejected… read more »

‘Sex and the City’ goes PC. Compatible?

The second installation of HBO’s hit cable-series turned movie mega-franchise, Sex and the City (STC), is being released May 27th, armed with a closetful of brand sponsorships that are as colorful as the 10 odd million spent on wardrobe. Fans of STC have grown accustomed to seeing Carrie Bradshaw, along with cohorts––Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte––gallivant all around Manhattan in the finest of head-to-toe couture as they complete the most tedious or extravagant of tasks. Throughout all 94 of the STC’s episodes… read more »

Palin Pauses

Bristol Palin, part of the now infamous Sarah Palin household, was recently featured in a new anti-pregnancy, public-service announcement (PSA) launched by The Candie’s Foundation. Neil Cole, CEO of the Candie’s fashion brand, launched The Candie’s Foundation in 2001 after discovering that raising awareness about the consequences of teen pregnancy was an issues niche that is severely underserved by corporate America. Since then, a string of celebrities—from Beyoncé, Ciara, and Jenny McCarthy to Vanessa Minnillo,… read more »

Gwyneth Paltrow “nourishes” us?

Are you familiar with GOOP? It’s a newsletter put out by Academy Award-winning actress, Gwyenth Paltrow, in which she aims to share bits and pieces from her extraordinary life. “I have this incredible, lucky, unique life where I’ve gotten to travel all over the place and so I started to acquire all of this information. I thought this would be a fun, creative way to share it,” she says. That’s lovely indeed, just like Goop’s… read more »

M&M’s feed more than a craving

Who says that fashion, eco-friendliness, positive social change, and financial growth don’t mix? I was in the M&M’s Flagship shop in Times Square hunting for a trinket that would satisfy the insatiable appetite of a chocolate fanatic and was pleasantly surprised to find one that would feed more than a craving––Mitz handbags. Started back in 2003, Mitz is a cooperative in Mexico City that creates job opportunities for its community by transforming recycled plastics of… read more »