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Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and the Media Universe by Barbara KwasnickiSynopsis

Brand Girl is a decidedly modern primer on leadership filtered through the world of Kwas and the world of branding. Half personal memoir, half meditation on branding, the fully illustrated book examines the extraordinary life of Barbara Kwasnicki (a.k.a. Kwas) as reflected in the brands she identifies with and the personal qualities of the brands themselves. Sharing her life and professional lessons as a Manhattan brandinista, Brand Girl introduces her  Solid Six methodology, which demystifies the concept of branding and reveals how it is relevant to everything you do.

“Brands, because they are not human, can be made perfect. Brands can have the leadership qualities that we search for in people; brands give us something to aspire to. And if you think people don’t identify themselves by the brands they choose, look in your own parking lot and see who gets into what. (Chevy Suburban? Mercedes SLK? Toyota Prius? Vespa, anyone?) Brand Girl showcases how these leadership traits show up in all aspects of your everyday life and how you can practice being a leader 24/7: whether you’re running Apple Computers, shopping at Target, or eating Devil Dogs.”

Barbara Kwasnicki, from Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and the Media Universe
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Praise for the brand girl book

I must compliment the ingenious combination of your personal life, your leadership wisdom, and your love of your industry! Brand Girl really spoke to me. Darlene Whitehurst, President, Adsource Media, Inc.

In a world rife with marketing books that are all fizz and no substance, Brand Girl is the real deal––everything you need to know about walking the walk of effective branding. Barbara Kwasnicki marries personal insight and business acumen with innovation, style, and humor, so Brand Girl strikes a responsive chord and will help you leverage what makes you and your company great.
Kevin A. Mercuri, President, Propheta Communications

brand girl book credits

Angelica Carey, Marketing Guru Angelica provided strategy, copyediting, and PR services for Kwas Inc. and Brand Girl. She has worked in marketing and communications for traditional media (McGraw-Hill, Fast Company, US News) as well as websites (GeoCities, Yahoo, Official Payments). Her favorite Kwas assignment so far: Brand Girl. But then again, there was surf camp in La Jolla.

Elizabeth Castagna, Design Wizard Besides being an accomplished painter and having one wicked sense of humor, Elizabeth (Liz) has been working behind the scenes with Kwas since forever. As Design Director, she has helped develop pieces for such clients as Kobrand, Avanti, A&E, Fintrack, and British Airways. Liz’s favorite Kwas pastime: dreaming up new ways for Brand Girl to come to life.

Javier Joaquin, Illustrator Extraordinaire Javier has been working with Kwas since he first drew up their little starletthe Brand Girl character. And yes, he was a big influence in finessing details: how much cleavage a Brand Girl should have and oh, good Lord, what should a Brand Girl wear!

And big love to Wence Chan, the best wingman a brand girl could ever have!