Brand Girl Bio


Act I–Staten Island, Baby: The Outer Borough Years

I was raised on Staten Island (shh!), but was blessedly spared the Working Girl accent. (Well, at least I think so.)  I was born into a litter of eight, so I grew up craving two commodities that were in short supply: attention and space (literally). I had my first brand encounter at age two, when my mom gave me my first Lilt home permanent. (Hello! Isn’t that child abuse?) My issues with men (and pink) apparently also commenced at a young age, although my mom swears that chocolate was my only true love. (OK, so another issue revealed: when I was young, I was much more fattie than hottie.)

Act II–The Tribeca Brandinista: The Self-Defining Years

After college and one brief dabble into marriage, I transformed myself from a Staten Island babe with a voluminous wedding dress and too much family into a single, Tribeca brandinista with too many storage bins full of designer clothing. I went from eating carbs to drinking them. I went from Charlie the Tuna to Nobu, from Gap to Gucci. I had become a brand addict.

For the record: If I were stranded on a desert island, I would hope to have these three brands by my side:
1) Ocean Potion 2) Gary Farrell 3) George Clooney.  In that order, of course.

Two important traits emerged from this essential period of exploration and self-definition: Despite the Gucci, I’m softer than I look. But tougher than I act.

Act III–A Brand Girl is Born: The Madison and Vine Years

I spent a decade in the advertising and design business before I started my own branding shop, Kwas Inc. I also ran a second career indulging my passion for real estate. Yes, yes, yes. Life was good… and spacious. But as always, the universe loves to shake things up (and I’m not just talking about ill-suited boys or a really bad pour). Simply put, the world events of 2001 disrupted many lives, including the ebb and flow of my own little queendom, which was conveniently located in the epicenter of it all. I was literally displaced for a bit and licked my wounds while simultaneously cementing my hotel addiction.  I started writing (a result of spending too much time with myself) and Brand Girl was conceived, like many babies, in a hotel bed.

I regrouped and created Kwas Space, a style-setting loft that was featured in a book and, like Tribeca, eventually regained its value. So I sold, and the world was once again my Kumamoto.  What’s a girl to do? Well, I could have taken the big phat job at the agency, but instead, I toyed with the idea of running off to Argentina to perfect my tango. But after deep consultations with an advisor (my seer), I decided that going to L.A. to sell a show and to further any holdings was a far less delusional move. So I was a denizen of Los Angeles–sniffing out real estate, working as a consultant, and cultivating Brand Girl–all the while dodging any uncontrolled fires, writers™ strikes, and Beverly Hills trust-fund babies. So where’s a girl now… hmmm. (Stay tuned for Act IV)

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