First Kiss is a Lovely Hit

If you are a rom-com junkie, you’re going to love this short video called First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva. Like good foreplay, the premise teased us. It suggested that twenty random strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. Hmm. Intriguing setup.

The tease and kisses pay off. Watching it will remind you of those warm, awkward and fuzzy moments that ignite the beginning stages of a budding romance. The video is engaging and seemingly organic. Well, organic as it could be for an advertisement.

Yep. Turns out this little viral hit like any rom-com is a bit of a heartbreaker. First Kiss is an effort sponsored by Wren Studio, a Los Angeles based womenswear brand, which explains why it’s styled so beautifully. And the strangers? Those attractive strangers? Maybe strange to each other, but not to the owner of Wren or acting. Amanda Hess of Slate explains that the group of models and actors used are friends of the fashion brand and accustomed to performing. Phew! Personally, Brand Girl is happy to learn this because I’m pretty sure a sober first kiss with a stranger would have more strange and sloppy moments. But then again, black and white imagery with the right soundtrack and editing can produce magic.

Last count, First Kiss had close to 40,000,000 million views on you tube. It’s a social media box office hit offering a happy ending for the brandinista, fashionista and hopeless romantic in you.



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