Quaker… Sow boy sow!

16blog_quaker.jpgGo Humans Go is the rallying cry from Quaker Oats new campaign. The endeavor represents the first time PepsiCo has marketed its entire whole grain product line underneath one centralized theme.  The campaign’s premise is to present oats as a super grain that helps humans harness internal power to do good for themselves, others and their communities. Not only is Quaker Oats a great staple for a healthy diet, it’s seemingly a healthy model for the new media marketing menu.

Why the kudos? First off, the campaign uses what it holds: a solid ownership of oats and a brand icon with more household penetration than that of Aunt Jemima* (I haven’t verified that… but I’m guessing it’s true.). They even gave the little man a brand lift by placing him in modernized situations. His recent graphic adaptation to all packaging is helping consumers recognize the huge breathe of products under the Quaker portfolio. (For instance, did you know that Life cereal was actually part of the Quaker lineup?)  Of course there’s an all encompassing website, and the little man is popping up on Twitter and Facebook. But it’s the affiliation with Bravo’s hottest show, Top Chef (which includes a recipe contest with top-rated judging) that truly boosts awareness and drives traffic to all touch points, truly harnessing the power of social media.

The “Go Human Go” promotion also works in a tie-in with celebrity chef and philanthropist Art Smith that segues nicely into Quakers cause marketing effort. Through a partnership with “Share our Strength,” the “Quaker Go” Project allows you to fight childhood hunger in the United States and even in your community. (Did you know more than 36 million Americans – including 12.6 million kids go hungry?) Quaker will apparently donate 10 servings of a Quaker product per every product you buy (i.e., UPC code you enter) and –– hello all you do good-ers –– the program will even consider giving you a grant to do more good within your own backyard.

It’s a well-balanced program and fitting for today. At a time when individuals and companies are forced to work leaner and meaner, Quaker has harnessed its own power by successfully tapping into these trends to help Americans cut food costs, stay healthy, yet feed a few others.

Looks like the meat is in the grain.
The grain is in you.
Go Humans Go.

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