Smoke and mirrors…

bg_jimcarrey.jpgOr is it all branded entertainment?

Whatta finish to 2008! This month alone, we’ve seen:

  • Barack Obama choose churchman Rick Warren to give the inauguration invocation, which promptly sent Barney Frank and other diehard supporters into heartbreak
  • Bernard Madoff, prominent trader and ahem… traitor, get caught for allegedly masterminding a $50 billion Ponzi scheme among A-listers, which also appears to have further unhinged yet more shaky ground in New York City’s real estate and financial markets
  • Our less-than-dutiful Congress skip out for the holidays without making a decision on the auto bailout, giving George Bush his last executive decision (or mistake?)
  • The scoop on Bill Clinton’s charity accepting millions from foreign investors, which might cast clouds of caution as Hilary Clinton’s selection as potential Sec of state

Yep. It’s been one hell of a way to wrap up 2008. But know what I really want to know? On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Tuesday, was Jim Carrey nudged for his Cialis endorsement or not?


BG just had to see Jay before he moves on to primetime, so she found herself at the taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and funny man Jim Carrey as guest. Talk about relentless and perfectly timed comedy — that Jim truly stole the show. And it’s hard to decipher what’s scripted and what’s not. For instance, when Carrey was plugging his film Yes Man, the monitor rose and Carrey says, “Ahhh. TV sponsored by Cialis… shot right up there.”

It was hysterical. Seemed so off the cuff. Yet I couldn’t help thinking, was it planted or not? John Melendez of Stuttering John fame, sitting right behind me, didn’t seem to think so… But I had to wonder: why didn’t he say Viagra? Is Cialis a sponsor of Yes Man? These are exactly the moments that make branded entertainment work—“Was he supposed to say that?” And these are the opps that brands and producers have to be on the lookout for… the moments that appear organic, and keep us all guessing.

And speaking of guessing – May all our flights be on time and if there’s a delay, may that be the extent of our problems in 2009! Safe travels, all. And if looking for holiday cheer, check out the show — Jim Carrey and his carolers are worth the view. Happy New Year!

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