OMG! Gossip Girls… “Nasty”


Surprise, surprise. CW gets slapped for hitting below the belt with its “nasty” advertising. Again.

“It really reeks of desperation,” said Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the group. The network’s decision to “position the show in opposition to the Parents Television Council speaks both to the trouble they’ve had attracting a decent-sized audience for the program and the fact that they have had to sort of cling to an image of this show as being raunchy, salacious and envelope-pushing in order to lure viewers.”

But BG asks: does the campaign reek of desperation or unfiltered brilliance?

I have to admit that I’ve seen very little of Gossip Girls, but enough to deem it more mindless than mind-blowing. Yet one thing is certain — the folks over at CW know how to market – and get your goat. Unfiltered brilliance I tell you. CW’s marketing boss Rick Haskins and his team have leveraged all assets of the show – both good and bad – to garner boatloads of attention for their fledging tv channel as they battle against online and mobile viewing. Never mind create dialogue that truly sticks with its finicky 18-34 demographic. At the end of the “marketing” day — when you can get the attention of “everyone” — then it’s a job well done.

Indeed troubling though are the trends and uber-advancements of our youth. (What happen to Little House on the Prairie? Where the hell is Nancy Drew?) Perhaps the “content” of the shows targeted at teens (i.e., the The Hills, Laguana, Gossip Girls, etc.) show be explored more closely. After all, why is it that the guys (always after a series of sleazy moves) get to ride off a hero, leaving the gal behind smarting (and forgiving), yet still hopeful for some white knight to save her day? Great logline, bad morales. Sexism I tell you. But that’s another story and for the rant of another.

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