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Yesterday, I attended the “What we watch” segment of the New York Times third annual “Sunday with the Magazine.” It was hosted by the magazines quirky media columnist, Virginia Heffernan, and featured Bravo TV’s President Lauren Zalaznick, “Project Runway” fashion guru Tim Gunn and “Top Chefs” judge Gail Simmons.

Needless to say it was a delightful hour as Bravo is having a banner year (for some it’s the new HBO), having captured a niche for “rags to riches” reality programming; focusing on folks’s passion for success (both cynics and optimists). According to Zalaznick — the network’s current flavor encapsulates what the fab five, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, initially represented — beauty, food, design, fashion, pop culture and all with a nonjudgmental view. How ironic that Queer Eye, once seen as a death wish for the channel (having one show define a network is a huge NO NO despite how popular it might be) becomes its signature brand print. And much credit is due Ms. Zalaznick for the networks perseverance, for it was she –– armed with tons of instinct, research and power –– who force fed her audience, “Project Runway” until they screamed for mercy. In this case, begged for more. She’s like a relentless mom feeding her kids their veggies. She knows its good for you and damn it — eventually — you will too!

It seems they have a winning formulae, devoted following, and a home for Kathy Griffin too. And although I have yet to catch any of the buzz generating “Real Housewifes of New York City“, I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time. After all, I like my veggies… especially home grown…

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