They gave THAT girl a dollar

Incredibly, lots of them.

Fox News reports that one million people have paid as much as $.98 apiece to download Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s (a.k.a Kristen) song from MySpace and the boys are continuing to call… Vodka Brand Wants Call Girl to Be Latest ‘Butt Girl’

In less than a week, the girl that took down Governor Eliot Spitzer has many times, quadrupled her day rate, allegedly earning more than $200k in music sales. The Internet, technology and the American people have made this all possible –– a la ‘American Idol’ style; America voting for their flavor of the moment. May be a reason why some marketers think a “Butt-Girl” will work for them. Like Georgi Vodka, who has offered Ms. Dupré a low six figure deal to ride on the back of their bus (every pun intended). There’s even talk of creating a vodka brand called No. 9, inspired by Mr. Spitzer’s designation by the call-girl service. According to Ad Age, Star Industries CEO Martin Silver, who owns U.S. rights to the Georgi brand said, “his company sprung quickly because he felt the word-of-mouth buzz Ms. Dupré generates would boost his vodka’s profile and sales. He said he expects many other brands to, um, come calling.”

Can you blame a marketer for courting the flavor of the month? One that has seemingly wet the appetite of one million people over the course of three short days? Tempting I’m sure. However, I think the marketers at Georgi are skating a very thin line. Moral values aside, it may backfire on them. Georgi’s timing needed to be perfect and I think they’ve already missed the bus. Apparently you can find Dupre in the buff on the internet if you dig a little. Because of that, is her following going to care that she’s covered up in some ad? (Would they recognize her?) Never mind the fact that what makes this girl so special is that she dragged down one of the country’s powerhouses. Is that something to be honored? Isn’t a potential book deal and a poorly made-for-tv adaptation reward enough?

I’m no prud. I know sex sells, but I also know story book endings do too. I think both Georgi and Ms. Dupré should be courting brand alliances that raise the bar for all parties involved. Let’s not forget, there were millions more of Americans who didn’t — give THAT girl a dollar.

(Not to mention it would simply stink if Georgi named a possible vodka “No. 9.” If they do, I only hope it doesn’t drag down one of my favorite wines off their much deserved pedestal. No. 9. The Shiraz… from Marquis Phillips.)

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