A Giant win


The only things predictable about the Super Bowl this year, was the commercials. As always, there were lots of them. (And lots with animals. Did you notice that too?)

Sad that Tom Brady could not usher in historic wins for both himself and the New England Patriots, but how happy are we for the NY Giants? What a great game! Being called the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, XLII certainly marks a defining moment for the Giant’s brand and Tom Coughlin’s too, its head coach. He’s the real story here (bigger than Sobels dancing lizards and Victoria Secrets football fondling… Cute).

Last year, Tom’s antiquated ways finally caught up to him. Players were despondent and the media soured by his rough and tuff persona. It created lots of tension — and lots of bad press. Giant management was not happy. But Tom was given a reprieve and a request — to lighten up. And he did. Rather quickly, Tom addressed his negative image, involved his team — and reinvented himself. His core messaging (genius) stayed the same, but the way he delivered his message changed. Like any good brand knows, whether you’re leading a pack of tightly clad uniformed hotties to a victorious win, or perhaps just leading your own little parade across a crowded room, you have got to know how to reach and serve your crowd. The old involved me and I will understand. Coughlin’s change proved to be the turning point for a pivotal year and created a cohesiveness that provides a solid platform to launch – and I’m willing to bet — even bigger wins.

Next time you’re feeling like a scrappy underdog, or are at your wit’s end because you are feeling cornered, or perhaps you’re dealing with a beau and thinking, “it’s not me, it’s him (her)” –– think again. And think about Tom’s tremendous turnaround. And think about Tom’s giant win.

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