Why Nora Ephron rules

It’s a new year.

Despite the fact that the first few weeks of 2008 feels very much like a repeat of ’07 [the writer’s strike in LA still looms (as my sister says, “Thank God for American Idol”), some boy is being reprimanded for getting out of line (this week, it’s Chris Matthews), and the media is tiptoeing around the “r” word as if the kids shouldn’t hear. (I’ve got news for you. We all know we are in a “r-e-c-e-s-s-i-on.”)].

But it is a new year. A traditional time to conjure visions of fresh starts… filled with ambitious beginnings and sought after goals. These resolutions run from stone sober to brilliantly witty –– love Nora Ehpron’s. Well-done my friend. And we make such resolutions in jest or not — but with hopes of doing better. As Nora says, “being a better human being.” So exactly how do we become better? Better as beings. Better as brands. Hmm.

Where better for a Brand Girl to take her lead then from the big boys themselves.

Google opens 2008 with a philanthropic charge — earmarking up to $175 million in grants and investments for “making the world a better place.” Apple is still the golden child, lunging right into the new year with another revolutionary product that more then resonates with its fans. Hello — MacAir. It’s the new McDreamy. (Ladies this is going to do so well for our posture — yes the shoulders. Seriously. Weighs less than the Very Sexy® bra at Victoria Secret. Seriously.) On a sour note, McDonald’s recently lost marks for its report card infringement, but earned more when they quickly backed off.

The common thread? The skinny? They all serve, reach and keep.
A Brand Girl mantra, applicable to business and the business of self.

Think about it.

1. Serve – Fill a need. Have a great product or service, continuing relevance.
2. Reach – Know, find, communicate and resonate with your audience.
3. Keep – Live up to our word. Have integrity; always deliver.

Have fun in 2008. Make those resolutions, and if needed — break a few. Change is good and needed. But serve, reach and keep whether you’re convincing mom to craiglist your childhood bedroom set, mapping out a global brand strategy for a fashion diva, or simply learning how to cook a timballo. Cause hell… knowing how to cook a timballo couldn’t hurt. Right Nora?

Happy New Year.

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