High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi.

“The owner of a restaurant whose tuna sushi had particularly high mercury concentrations said he was shocked by the findings. “I’m startled by this,” said the owner, Drew Nieporent, a managing partner of Nobu Next Door. “Anything that might endanger any customer of ours, we’d be inclined to take off the menu immediately and get to the bottom of it.”

Oh my gosh, that just stinks!

And for those who were woofing down the aforementioned protein for your Omega 3’s, please note the following:
According to my nutritionist gal pal — there are smaller fish like sardines and anchovies that don’t accumulate mercury like blue fin tuna, and are high in your Omega 3’s. But unless you’re a true feline — you’re better off popping or drinking for the Omegas. Many liquid fish oil suppliers like Pharmaz (and this is what’s soooo great about fish supplements from reputable companies), use a process called molecular distillation. All the methyl mercury is evaporated out in the manufacturing process down to 0.03 parts per million. Even less than what the FDA allows. In fact the source of fish for many supplement companies come from anchovies and sardines. Just sayin.

So in my book, Nobu is still good to go. For the time being though, skip the tuna sashimi, wash down your EFA’s with a splash of miso soup or Nobu chardonnay (antioxidants galore), and thank the lord for the – mercury free, Black Miso cod!


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