Has she hit the wall?

bg_sqpost_blogellen.jpgWe all have our moments. Incidences that throw us around emotionally, physically and momentarily. But I wonder… could this be one of those little things that turn into the first step of the end of a successful run for our gal Ellen? As a friend pointed out, this is her second act already – she had the Ellen sitcom, after which her phone didn’t ring. Now she’s on top, but her big mistake is that she used her pulpit (And you have to ask where was her team… surely her “People” could have foreseen?) to basically petition for special treatment. The deal with the shelter was, if you don’t keep the dog, it comes back to us. She’s being held to that, and she is using her celebrity status to whine about it. Paris went to jail. Lindsay went to rehab. Mel went to anger management. Ellen’s dog is going back to the mutt shop. Rules is rules.

America’s close to done with the celebrity special treatment.

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