YouTube? A luxury buy?


Luxury brands have been one of the last categories to throw dollars at online advertising, arguing that conventional media showcases their products better. Maybe so a year or two ago, but Neiman Marcus made a move today that signifies that change is in the air, well at least for this major retailer. Neiman Marcus commemorated its 100th anniversary with an online media buy that included a cameo on “YouTube’s” front page. Yes, NM videos are now positioned amongst the gazillion of others that range from renditions of Ms. South Carolina’s concern for the US’s shortage of maps to karaoke-singing… I don’t know,… ummm –– parrots. The NM buy is consider a big media win for YouTube. I mean, having a classic brand giving credence to its controversial site will likely attract similar deals. In addition to seeing a hippier side of NM, interesting to Brand Girl is that apparently a good percentage of “YT-ers” are wealthier and older than they look. They’re not all lonely girls and 15.

AdAge reports: “While 23.4% of internet-connected households make more than $100,000, 24.8% of households in YouTube’s audience do. And while 38.8% of the general internet population is 35 to 54 years old, 44.2% of YouTube’s audience falls into that age range.”

So at first glance, it’s seems an odd choice for Neiman Marcus to play in YT territory, but given young affluents are heavy on surfing and salaries. It’s not so crazy after all, is it?

And ps: If you want to launch the hippier side of you, or your singing bird on You Tube’s home page –– a mere $250k (rumored priced for the day) ought to do the trick. But you can have BG’s home page for a few $k’s less. And I’ll even give it to you for a week! Just sayin.’

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