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Apple announced a revised ipod collection –– after all it is fashion week. The Ipod has been re-interpreted as the “touch.” The thinner she gets, the more power she packs. The Nanos are squattier, just like this season’s trend of cropped jackets, and the shuffles colors are more brilliant, like that of Zac Posen’s handbags. And all in time for the upcoming holiday season. Steve, nicely done.

Apple also slashed the entry point for the iphone by $200 bucks (now an affordable $399). A move that has left financial analysts wondering why — and consumer folks ––who bought high (as in the phone) crying.

(LOooOL) I’m sorry. Please forgive Brand Girl for that uncontrolled burst of “are YOU kidding me?” Really, have we not learned that there is always a price to be paid for the privileges of fashion firsts?

I’ve also read that Wall Street has taken the cut of the iphone price a tad negatively reflecting negatively in Apple’s stock. Hmmm – a slight dip. Now I’m no Wall Street mogul, but I have been an Apple maven for longer than most of those suited boys. And BG says – (again, I’m no money honey) but it’s time to buy — the stock that is. And as far as the phone, as in a much sought after accessory — (and again, this is purely speculative) –– my guess is that Apple is coming out with another version. One that is likely to be thinner, packed with more power and hopefully addresses some of those pesky touch pad troubles. (Again speculative… rumors that I’ve heard on the street.)

BG votes to pick up that accessory on round two. Cause just like picking apples, stock, or a new handbag for that matter –– you gotta know when to grab or pass.

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