Peas and percocet


So it continues to surround me – the quest for improvement of face. Some are nestled in bed holding frozen peas on their swollen muzzles, popping Perocets by the poundful and others are in hat and sunglasses getting ushered immediately to the back of the restaurant so as not to scare any patrons away. And then yours truly, hoping that the anti-aging elements in my Ocean Potion are really anti-aging, or that the beauty that gyrates from deep within will blow out any brow lines, or that Botox will be available in tablet form — soon.

Hope is not a strategy.

I decided it was high-time this Brand Girl test-drove herself in front of a trained eye — a cosmetically-oriented artist of sorts — all for the sake of research and education, of course. I met with a favorite of Linda Evangelista, Dr. Karyn Grossman. (If good enough for Linda, good enough for BG.) I learned that botox would not serve me. (woo-hoo!) For a half-second I was relieved, and feeling a tad cocky about my habitual use of OP, until she continued and said, “eventually you will just need an eyebrow lift.” (shock) And then there was the shooting of the Cosmoderm under the eyes. (shock) And chin. (shock) And Thermage for my forehead and eyes to remove the tired look. (shock) (shock) And then the Faxel Laser treatment to remove sun damage. (shock) Need I go on? At the end of my session I was handed a $6,000 plus estimate (STICKER SHOCK) for things to fix in the interim until I decided to do the lift. It was like bringing the benz to the repair shop to inquire about some door dings and being told that what you really needed was a new hood. But till then, here’s some new wheels. And make sure you come back for air every four months. (yikes!)

I’m not doing anything — Yet. Yet, I have learned many things in life like, “never say never”, “to each his own”, and “if you snooze, you lose.” But I got to thinking. If you do start to play this game of shooting up, keep in mind that you will need a boat-load of dollars to maintain given most of the drugs used like Botox and Cosmoderm only last a few months. You can skip the coloring of your grays, the manicure for nails or Benz once in a while, but — (and I know I could probably say this more eloquently) — do you really want to walk around half-baked in the face? And if you’re doing anything involving bones — good lord — use the best. It’s like sushi. You want to pay as much as you possibly can because the consequences of bad fish are just too dire.

Do what’s right for you, and do it for you — just do it right.

Peas out! lol

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