Why – the poofy dress?


I’m at the Viceroy hoping to be taken seriously when I noticed that several of the lunching starlets are all poofed out. How on earth did I miss that? Within Treo seconds, my east coast comrade confirms that simultaneously, poofed women are trotting in-and-out of a Starbuck’s in Greenwich, Connecticut. The texts concur and conclude that each and every one of them looks six months pregnant, which can’t be. Why the waistline that begins at the bustline? Why do women do that? Can this cute-poofy-dress moment really last?

I immediately text up the boss, a.k.a. stylist extraordinaire, who fashionably texts me from an airport in Munich, and I quote her verbatim: “that while you* have an amazingly flat stomach and no hips to speak of, more that 60% of the women I dress have rolls around the waist in addition to thighs and butts…. And this is therefore a really cute/practical style for them. I actually like MODERATE poof, and recommend it as a cute, fresh change… With the right accessories (shoes, bag etc.) this would work for you as well. That’s my two cents (or rather euros 🙂 from where I sit).”

Hmmm. Now MODERATEly fixated on the poof phenomena, I trot on over to Chaya Venice to round out the days musing with the boyz as happy hour was fast approaching. It didn’t take much nudging to discover the census of the sushi-harboring crowd. Apparently, the poof works for them. Spouting things like “ripe”, “accentuated breasts” and “the mystery of whether there is a bun in the oven.” “It’s all good.” Hmmm.

Ladies, do what works for you. But MODERATEly poofed or not, I, Brand Girl, personally feel no need to feed yet another’s man’s fantasy and conclude that the poof, unless with child or on a child, should vanish as quickly as the short-lived trend of pencil tight jeans.

And… I thank the lord Vera Wang is taking to educating the masses.
And so… we live to see another day.

note: you* = hello – she’s talking about yours truly here… give the girl a dollar! xo

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