To blend or not to blend?

To blend or not to blend? And we are not talking about Margaritas (always on the rocks, with salt, preferably by the pool, and we promise not to drop it if you give us a real glass instead of plastic – and Patron). Blending. So many do it in LA. Blonde is the first thing — there is a stat in the current Allure about the number of women who are naturally blonde and it is astoundingly in the low single-digits.

Boobs are another thing. They are, for the most part, large, storebought and impossible to ignore. So women are definitely paying, and paying large, to look like everyone else in their peer group. Funny. Because when I was younger, I remember wanting to fit in, — in that (ssh!) Staten Island kind of way. Seemed the more popular girls had BIG and curly hair. So, my long, stringy, straight black hair — already a source of torment for my mom — became a source of torment for me. Hello Lilt Home perms. The Lilt legacy repeated itself over the years, first administered by my mother, and later self-inflicted – the heavy fumes emanating from my own bathroom sink. It was an ongoing quest to fit in. I wanted so badly to be like everyone else! Now, all you want is to stand out, be yourself, *not* blend in like a gazelle into the underbrush.

So the LA stereotype reigns: blonde, boobs, sleeping their way to the top. Two final notes: the women I have met in LA have been largely honest, funny, enchantingly smart and real women, regardless of root color or cup size. And, attention: entertainment professionals: I may be hungry to sell my projects, but I am not a casting-couch, casting chaise, or casting desk kind of girl. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try. After all, I stand — and stand out — for a reason.

And these days, I also sit smugly in the salon chair for a trim while, all around me, those born with the Lilt-like locks pay thousands to have them cooked pin-straight.

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