Defining the prize

Yesterday, a Civil Rights group, performed a funeral to bury the “n- word” in an “effort to persuade black Americans to stop using a variant of the racial slur in hip-hop music, comedy and casual conversation”. Can we – in an effort to stop America’s insatiable need to label everything by a stereotypical sound bite – silently perform a similar ceremony for removing another set of offensive, overly, and poorly used words? Can we bury the token “trophy wife?”

The recent outpour over Fred Thompson’s wife, Jeri, for being twenty odd years younger is pure comedy. Is it just another display of the media’s relentless need to create hype to sell papers while inadvertently creating distraction from all that really matters? Will Fred Thompson really lose the potential votes of older women because he married younger? Will this tally up more votes for Hillary? Or more dates for Donny Deutsch? lol

Folks, discussion of politics and the power of any press aside — we are in an ageless society where the lines are blurred by free spirits, love and lots of botox. Brand Girl herself can contest that for as many older men chasing younger women around the desk (and in Chaya), there are cougars playing a similar game. Matters of the heart or for some tugs, shouldn’t be that calculated. It’s up to you to define your boundaries and what works – for you.

But speaking of boundaries, calculations — and what works:

(Your age ÷ 2) + 7 = dateable

Add it up. Demi, Thompson or Julianna Moore – it works.


btw/ If there are any trophies to be had, I would like to draw your attention to the recent wins and the boys of Wimbledon. That Federer is a brand to be watched! And who says Brand Girl doesn’t know her sport… xo

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