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Go to camp (with actors)
When I first landed in Los Angeles, I was handed much advice about how to “fit in,” and I’m happy to report that no Uggs of any color or shape defile my closet, but — how could I ultimately refuse serving the actress within? And so my personal tagline, “be who you are,” in LA, has meant pretending to be someone else — acting if you may. Yet, if you’re caught… acting – the folks at my camp will haze you worse than Will Ferrell in Old School. The Acting Corp’s philosophy is largely based on the work of Sanford Meisner, who is a legend and a master of the craft, who defines acting as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Actors (and brand girls alike) are taught to create a bond based on each other’s truth — to connect, listen and respond. Be truthful – be naked, get real. Yes, no hiding behind any labels – shy, nervous or Gucci. And, take it from this communications expert, the work is relevant and applicable beyond dramatics. Good lord, could you imagine what this kind of “acting” could do for business, politics – or how about your love life? Cheaper than therapy — it’s play that pays… whether you’re an aspiring drama queen or not!

Go green (with ease)
You have to *not* be wireless to *not* know that social responsibility and awareness are what matters today. Virtual soapboxes are up everywhere and everyone is chiming in. Here we have an newly eco-oriented mom meditating over the trendiness of green, hipsters in brooklyn drinking “fair trade” brews and a research firm combing the finicky gen y’s consumers who concluded “as the “green lifestyle” is something more and more people aspire to, the notion of excess has fallen into disfavor.” Even yours truly was recently drilled about her habitual love of a good cold square bottle of Fiji. Luckily the interrogator was a notably tall drink of water himself, and predictably I left glowing when a bar-side taste test proved (both the girls and) Fiji’s quality, and that (both are) softer than LA tap. But when I got home, I did google my way to enlightenment and discovered that the cost of Fiji to the environment is more than I would like to pay. Interestingly, now branding includes what *you* think about your impact on the rest of the world – not just the impact when you are being poured at a bar, but in the larger sense.

I’m no eco-chick given that the only green I have done to date is the olives in my martini, and the recycling of the aforementioned Fiji bottles. But I sense a shift for BG as the tide is turning on the branding landscape just as firmly as the glaciers are melting. I’m going to go a little greener – and dig a little deeper — maybe more fleece, more organic, more yoga, more hybrid car? How will BG evolve to participate in this change? I don’t know, but I will need more oaky California chardonnay to reach the apex of this thought, but you get the drift. There’s plenty of ways to stay who you are… and I’m betting there’s plenty of sexy to be found in green.

Go with it (your instincts)
Yeah, yeah. Trust your instincts. Don’t overthink. We’ve all heard it a thousand times… and as easy as it sounds, it’s not so easy after all. Whether you’re writing your next business plan, your next screenplay or your next grocery list, many factors can cloud the judgement of what your gut tells you is right. So to scatter the clouds, I give you this bit of folklore: Jimmy Buffett. Love him or hate him, he made an estimated $100 million last year off his “Cheeseburger in Paradise” restaurants, album sales, and tours. He has his own channel on our beloved Sirius. And what begat this movement? His Beethoven’s 5th is the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Which, legend has it, he wrote in six minutes. So the next time your own six-minute inspiration kicks in, listen up… it just may be your symphony.

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