She’s no train wreck


CNN Replaces Both Anchors on Its Struggling Morning Show (WaPo)
Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien are out at American Morning, which has struggled recently in the ratings. The pair, who are not related, will make way for John Roberts, a former CBS anchor and correspondent, and Kiran Chetry, who recently jumped to CNN from Fox News. CNN has eyed Roberts as a possible morning anchor from the time he left CBS last year.

Holy smokes! This interviewer has got to be shaking his head, going, what just happened?! Despite the sudden switch of the tracks, I’m sure he would agree that there is no need to worry about Soledad – she’s no train wreck.

I’ve been fortunate to see her in action both on and off-stage given we share common loves, or as my accountant says – addictions (one that Soledad can certainly better afford), – a diva of a stylist and one with a very worthy charity – Hearts of Gold. Whether bumping elbows in the store or at some HOG event, Soledad is as genuine, audacious and as targeted as you would suspect. I honestly don’t get how she manages it all just knowing of her enormous contribution to HOG alone (and I’m not just talking about throwing money people). In short – you got to love a gal with her priorities straight.

So everything happens for a reason and at warp speed – especially in the media. It was just last month Soledad was honored in LA at the NAACP awards, earlier this week L’Oreal Paris announces she’s to be one of the distinguished judges for Women of Worth … and today she gets reassigned. A move that some could describe as *yikes*… or maybe, it’s a brand boost — the green light for forging full speed ahead (anywhere).

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