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Reports of endless rain and flooding in my beloved New York – plus my recent conversations with a notably tall drink of water – have got me thinking more and more about H2O. My love for a good cold square bottle of Fiji – so much softer than LA tap – recently got me compared to a brand-loyal version of Tim Robbins’ Griffin Mill in The Player – the agent who always, always orders a bottle, always of a new, unrecognizable yet fabulous type. Then, I recalled a recent New York Times story about nap salons, which quipped “sleep is the new bottled water” — people are willing to pay more for a commodity, assuming it’s better quality. Now, I do believe my Fiji is better quality, and I proved it in a recent barside taste-test. But, with more and more focus on green living these days, how much environmental impact does my Fiji really have? Girl loves her Google:

“In summary, the manufacture and transport of that one kilogram bottle of Fiji water consumed 26.88 kilograms of water (7.1 gallons – later recalculated to 6.74x the 1kg in the bottle) .849 Kilograms of fossil fuel (one litre or .26 gal) and emitted 562 grams of Greenhouse Gases (1.2 pounds).

That being a lot of baggage for one bottle to carry, this Brand Girl is considering an investment in a personal water bottle to fill from my own filtered tap. There is a time and a place for Fiji… but then again, everyone looks so good in green.

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