You’re right, it’s not the apt…

bg_sqpost_stuffseal.jpg… it’s the 40 year old sheets! lol

Oh good lord, there’s lots to be had in this NYT article: “It’s not you, it’s the apartment.” So many nuances of what makes up (or dilutes?) the brand called *you.*

I love the fact that a 46 year old man that hovers over a stuffed seal and Sonic HedgeHog things is giving out dating advice on He refuses to “blandify.” (Bob, I’m all about a man taking a stand, and I too have a spot for soft and fuzzy things, but my stuffed smurf is long gone. And Bob, there’s nothing bland about me… I’m just sayin.’)

Read the article kids. Have fun – draw your own conclusions, but note: I may not write for a dating column, but this (space) queen knows that any one with a “rent stabilized” apartment (or anything) in Manhattan may be worth the pursuit. (As long as there’s room for a collection of your own.)

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