Does truth + love = true love?

bg_sqpost_truelove.jpgVoila: two more expert opinions on the general subject of finding truth and finding love, hopefully together. First we have, an online dating service that conducts criminal background checks on its members, so that daters can be assured of “a wholesome environment for courtship,” says founder Herb Vest. But is the site true to its word? One industry watcher says they are “the controversial child in the Internet dating industry,” due in part to their provocative ads, their hard-to-enact cancellation policy. In other words, their devotion to the truth may just be part of their marketing act… which makes it, in a way, untrue.

And we also have Katie Couric, the CBS News version, devoting her “Notebook” segment to a knock against hookup culture. The news tag for the bit is the recent book “Unhooked” by Laura Sessions Stepp. Shocker: Katie thinks hooking up, sex without commitment, is bad. (Unfortunately I can personally vouched that these days, “hooking up” or similar, ie: a plea for a “sleepover,” is dropped as often and quickly as being asked out for a latte at the local Starbuck’s or Peets. “Coffee, sugar or me?”) Not a bad stance for Katie to take; but it’s unfortunate that the target audience for the piece, kids and parents of teenagers, is hardly the type to watch the CBS News.


So: Lying is bad. Hooking up is bad. In the interest of springtime, rebirth, and rejuvenation… can somebody please tell me what’s good?

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