Convenient truths


Al Gore has become quite the rock-star with his Inconvenienth Truth – especially now with its Oscar win. It’s great that stars are using their power to do good and to enlighten folks. But at times things can get, icky, as this one article implies. Maybe Al Gore is a tad green in his understanding of the scientific nuances that make up climate change and maybe more discovery is needed. But no one can dispute that despite Gore being more layman than scientist, global warming was a cause worth bringing to center stage. (Even if it is turns out to be part of a bigger plan – a potential set up for a presidential campaign.)

Jessica Simpson recently said she knew she needed to divorce Nick Lachey after she went on a charity mission to Africa and he stayed home – she realized they weren’t right for each other. That statement totally smacked of self-serving. Was the couple possibly in the midst of their own breakdown? Did she just want to be seen as a charitable person and to cast her ex as the bad guy? Maybe in hindsight, she’ll come to regret the utterance but regardless, her work prevails.

Celebrity or not, we can all rationalize accordingly. Like everything else it’s right when we are doing it for the right reasons. Bono – it is wrong when they are doing it because they think it will benefit in the long run. Or is it? Is doing good for any reason better than doing nothing at all? What makes the world a better place?

We may need a bottle or three of Kistler to work this one out.

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