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OK… about that Sirius/XM deal.

Currently I’m working in the area of Universal City and what makes the morning drive from Santa Monica o so tolerable – (traffic be damned) – is my Coffeehouse, Channel 30 on Sirius. And in fact, I argued that it’s not the traffic that keeps LA’ers locked in their cars. It’s the extra laps that we must take around the block before parking (that makes us late). Hello – it would be rude to walk out on The Fray or James Blunt until every last note was dispensed. Then there’s time needed for the occasional make up fix – that Damien Rice always brings me to tears. Yes, Coffeehouse is addicting. I recently introduced the channel to a friend visiting from Chicago, (escaping both winter and kids). She had major withdrawal when she went home and couldn’t find it on her service – because “she” was on XM. And apparently, XM’s comparable channel is well, not comparable. I was fortunate that my Benz came installed with Sirius – and as always, I was steered correctly. So yes, whether a sunfilled or starful drive in the Benz with John Mayer crooning on Coffeehouse, or a shot of Howard Stern for my NY caffeine fix, to streaming Chill in the studio while writing this very entry – I love my Sirius.

But now… the merger. What does the merger mean for subscribers – cars coming off the assembly line with technology that’s already obsolete. I love satellite because it has impacted and improved the music part of my life — finding new artists, and it’s a pre-fab soundtrack for my life — whatever mood I’m. But suddenly, what was easy becomes insanely complicated. Can the satellites be re-programmed to accept signals from both sources? Will the Benz have to get new hardware? And what about the brand positioning itself? Who gets the little Sirius dog logo, or does he get sent to the pound? Whatever happens — if the merger gets through the Dept of Justice — it’s bound to change the course of music history. But in the meantime, I beg you, Sirius and XM folks: don’t decaf my Coffeehouse.

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