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I read this article in New York Magazine and subsequently found out that a guy I went out with last week, a promotional guru was affiliated with number 10. (Reprinted below.)

Now, I do happen to look great in Maroon. And it would be fun for a girl to have her caftan tailored (“can we make it strapless?”). However, my guru positioned the meditation resort simply as a “spiritual retreat.” Which for what ever reason – (and not knowing what the core business was), I immediately re-translated as “farm.” And yes, he wasn’t really amused. But the funny/odd thing here is that my guru (a.k.a. farm boy), didn’t own up to the spice right up front. Osho appears to be just as much about sex as it is about meditation and enlightenment. In hindsight, I see that my flub (or was it my instinct) of calling it a farm wasn’t necessarily all that wrong, because if you believe just a tad of what you google – a lot of grazing does go on. I understand that the Osho Meditation Resort is the “world’s largest campus of its kind – dedicated to your search for self, and that thousands visit from 110 countries every year; and I absolutely mean no disrespect to this “work”, or to “the intelligent or true seekers of self” – (or for some others), but like any other product or brand choice, I have to consider what is presented to me – or not.

I thought it odd that farm boy did not own up to it day one. But then I got to thinking: ways to change your life is really just a way to change your brand. And how did this guy go from a promotional guru, to a guru in a totally different, ahem, position? So I began to think through the top ways I’ve changed my own brand.

1. Change your marital status.
2. Go from employee to employer, or vice versa.
3. Switch coasts (NYC to LA) or hemispheres (BA).
4. Switch drinks. (Vodka Gimlets at the Mondy; Five bass barb at the pub; Chardonnay chick on the couch.)
5. Splurge luxuriously. (Benz, bag, or a bungalow.)
6. Study something new. (Acting. Hello… it is LA, and Meisner is all about living truthfully… I’m just sayin’.)

Change your life, change your brand, try on a new personality for size. Just be comfortable where ever you end up = own the brand you are. If you have to tiptoe around it when you present yourself to others, like farm boy* did, maybe it’s not the brand for you.

(*Or maybe he was just waiting for day two.) lol


Reprinted from New York Magazine: Change your life…
10. GO TO AN INDIAN SPIRITUAL RETREAT TO HAVE SEX ALL THE TIME. Most such places are austere affairs with buckets for showers, but the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, has a pool, tennis lessons, a nightclub, a sauna, a cybercafé, discos, and, during high season, 3,000 to 5,000 horny Westerners trying to sleep their way to enlightenment. “It’s like Sex and the City, but barefoot,” explains Zeynep Askoy, a former Manhattan ad exec who enjoyed a brief stay there. The man behind Osho is the late Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the famed “sex guru” who founded a 65,000-acre free-love commune in Antelope, Oregon, in 1981. The Bhagwan, who changed his name to Osho, was deported for violating immigration laws in 1987 and died in 1990, but his libido lives on at this wanton hideaway, which requires visitors to have an HIV test upon entry. “Osho’s overall concept is Zorba the Buddha, which combines Zorba the Greek, that guy who loves alcohol, dens, and women, with the silence and meditativeness of Buddha,” explains president Klaus Steeg. Every guest wears a maroon robe in public areas (acquire one at Osho, or buy your own and have it tailored). “Everyone happens to look gorgeous in them,” says Askoy, “especially men. Men look gorgeous wearing a dress.”

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