Random acts


The Kung Fu video is getting a lot of airtime lately…

But it is surely derivative of the Star Wars kid, the most-downloaded You Tube video in history.

In this post-9/11 You Tube environment, aren’t we ALL fighting a futile war against a largely invisible foe? Isn’t the whole Kung Fu thing a metaphor for America as the guy with the apple, the powerful entity that leaps to the charge and falls ass-over-teakettle? Is “what kind of wood is this” just another way of saying “where are those darn weapons of mass destruction, anyway?”

And, don’t forget, this is the week of Random Acts of Kindness. So regardless of where you sit in the whole war debate — whether you think that the Grammy-queen Dixie Chicks should be vilified or praised, shouldn’t we all be standing in the metaphorical airport, welcoming those boys home?

Thus endeth just another Brand Girl week of weighing in on the Grammys, the power of YouTube, and men acting like boys.

Peace out.


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