Modern love and rules

The Internet – and the pervasive technology behind it – has changed the love game. No longer do you have to rely on the good graces of your friends to weigh in on a guy you’ve met; he can be Googled, even during a 30-second trip to the ladies’ room, and all of his secrets are suddenly yours. As a branding maven, I understand the value of this information. As a dating gal, I understand that such information available through meetup, myspace or “add to cart” – match fits social niches. But as a woman and aunt (ie; sponsor to what feels like hundreds), I’m scared about the ensuing trends. Those darn kids today just don’t get that the flip side of being flirtable online; the information you put on the Internet is permanent – and makes an impression.

The other day I boasted about JT’s well-calculated use of “social media” to advance his brand when he “youtubed” himself during the Grammys. And today I still call that move brilliant. However, if auditioning for a babysitter job, you might want to nix that MySpace page of you in a bustier, hugging a tequila bottle and rethink the related behind-the-scenes video. There’s no way in hell you are getting next to my nephews. Thinking of breaking up with your girlfriend? Talk to her before you change your online status to “single.” Because even if you’re rich and powerful, and you hire a PR agency to do it for you, you can’t expunge your Internet record. Ask Paris Hilton. So, yeah, we’ve all Googled ourselves out of curiousity — but better to focus on what you’re putting out today. That’s information that can be controlled.

O, and speaking about control, and given I’m musing about love, and it is Valentines. Might be an ideal time for me to address what’s appropriate when soliciting yours truly.

Brand Girl is an equal-oppty dater. But she has been known to discriminate on the basis of hosiery – and recently, sweats (c’mon, boys, if I have spent most of the afternoon getting groomed, polished and styled to perfection, try to do better than showing up in a hoodie. It is not Sunday afternoon and we are not watching football on the couch. Yet.). But if you are digging around in my blog because you want to date me –– “Listen up.” There are a few things you need to know before you take me out:

a) Do not drop anecdotes from the blog,
b) do not wear tube socks,
c) do not ask me if Mr. Sometimes is you,
and, d) do not send me suggestive, tasteless jpegs –– flowers are much preferred!!

happy v-day – xx!

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