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I love writing around valentine’s day as it is appropriate for musings on what I enjoy most: boys, media and secrets – in any combination. xx!

Sticky love
Yes, this is the LWK’s Valentine’s issue, and note that it intentionally went out the day *after*. C’mon, isn’t going out on V-day for amateurs? Yet, I say that lovingly because amateurs, as it turns out, is currently what churns my world of branding and entertainment. Time Magazine wasn’t kidding when it named “You” the person of the year. The “Yous” are popping up everywhere. We saw various forms of them during the Superbowl, from the Doritos Crashers to the Chevy washers. And then Chevy scrubbed up for their award winning performance at the Grammys. How could you not love “My Grammy Moment?” It was a polished symphony playing across all touchpoints – ads, text messaging, web site – you named it. (Of course throwing JT into anything these days would polish up anyone’s act, instantly. Even mine. lol). But the message is clear: companies are recognizing the value of creating branded content, and are stepping up with the dollars. My Grammy moment is just one fine example of how a comprehensive, well planned and executed program will drive traffic both on and off-line – and leaves everyone a star.

Boys behavin’
I’m not the only one singing this tune. This month Ad Age celebrated its 5th Madison + Vine Conference in toasty Beverly Hills with Pontiac’s marketing director, Mark-Hans Richer as its keynote speaker. Richer shared in great detail the huge success Pontiac has had with its entertainment initiatives – like giving away 276 fully loaded Pontiac’s to Oprah’s audience. (Of course that would work. Hello, Oprah sells anything!) Richer said: “For the $8 million Pontiac spent on the G6 launch on “Oprah” in 2004, … the automaker received $110 million in promotional support.” It was encouraging to hear numbers finally attached to return on investment (ROI). And for those of you that are/were buried in the wicked winter of the east, there was McGraw-Hill’s Media Summit packed with the big boys – leading the charge, Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller. I’m sorry I missed it, but the key points of the Diller and Murdoch keynotes were covered admirably by the Hollywood Reporter and the top panels by PaidContent. Brand Girls dig sharp reporting.

Secrets revealed
It is Valentine’s and simply put – its about the power of attraction. I don’t care if you are peddling Godiva chocolates or are on-line scrubbing up your Match profile in hopes that someone will add you to cart – you are both interested in the same: prospects and sales. I bet you have been wondering about the secret of “how” despite channeling the likes of Deepak Chopra and Donald Trump for the past ten years. Well, wonder no more. The Secret is out. And I mean it is really out. (It was on Oprah – remember she sells anything). The Secret is an easy-to-digest flick that explains how you can have anything you desire: the universe is your catalogue, go place an order! BG synopsis: Stay on brand folks, cause that’s what makes both your and my world a happier place. Now go be a magnet: attract what you love, pull in what matters, and share that wealth!!!

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