A blue situation?

No longer.

bg_sqpost_jet-blue.jpg Everyone loves (and routs) for our – no longer a start-up airline – JetBlue. They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or more comfortable in first class (who isn’t), yet when in a clinch, what makes them spend $300 to fly cross-country instead of chartering for megabucks? These boys say that JetBlue saves their day. They like getting where they need to be without fuss – and without paying a gazillion dollars. They are happy to make the tradeoff, because they know up front what they’re getting, or not getting, like food. But being held up on the runway for six hours or more at JFK, (likely without food or unlimited cocktails), is definitely way too much a price to pay – Ceo or not!!

Last week’s ugliness at JetBlue started when someone in the back room decided to play Russian roulette with Mother Nature and wrongly called her bluff. They “hoped” that the ice storm would pass so that revenue could stay intact, as would customer satisfaction. JetBlue’s bad call ended up stranding and delaying hundreds and, inadvertently brought the companies growing pains to the surface for all the world to see. It was a blue week indeed.

How does JB recover?

JetBlue’s CEO, David G. Neeleman sprung into action and did what he had to do: control damage. He immediately address the public both apologizing and promising. Today, less than a week after the fiasco, Jet Blue promptly announced its “customer bill of rights” along with other tactics to be taken to ensure that they continue to give their customers what they’ve come to expect and want most of their JetBlue: affordable, efficient, on-demand flying.

bg_sqpost_jetblue.jpgLast week Neeleman was “Humiliated and Mortified.” Today he is likely more “humble and meek.” And he knows it will take a few more tomorrows for them to fully scrub up – but they will. And they will recover. Because their mistake is recoverable – and it’s their first.

btw / I bet you they will never play against Mother Nature again.

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