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I’m exhausted from yesterday’s festivities, and today, would rather simply carry on about my dislike for men in sweatshirts (= dressed like boys), as I nurse the bloody mary before me. But let’s say we start the year right and light. Shall we?

Cause marketing with a punch. Yes, Brand Girl loves the Gap and their Project Red. The big brands – be they Gap or Brad and Angelina – have shown the rest of the world that their powers can be used for the forces of good, not the forces of evil. It’s time for the smaller brands to step up and act locally. Changing your world helps change the universe.

Talent rises to the top. The past year has seen celebrities grab magazine covers and ad campaigns usually accorded to models, voice-over parts that used to belong to actual voice-over artists, music deals that used to belong to real singers. It’s time for the tide to turn back to the actual talent – recognizing people for what they do best by awarding them the best work. Hello, Paris, I am talking to you.

Green gets serious. It may be An Inconvenient Truth, but it’s a real one. The construction industry, the automotive industry are seriously noting their effects on our environment (hello, it’s 60 degrees in New York). How will the next year affect your business from an environmental standpoint, and what can you do to prepare for the future?

Personal online branding. Who hasn’t done a pre-meeting Google of a potential business partner, or a pre-date search on the guy you met at the bar last night? Beyond interns who apply for jobs without taking down those embarrassing MySpace profiles, there’s a world of information out there on everyone. Look for 2007 to offer ways to research and manage your own information.

More George Clooney, more cashmere hoodies, more double-digit glasses of wine from the Russian River Valley. It is, after all, just life.

Have a great 2007.

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