Attack with the Mac*


“Attack with the Mac*, my left hand spit, right hand
Grip on the whip, for the smooth getaway…”

Puff Daddy
It’s All About The Benjamins (Remix)

* Yes, I know, he’s talking about a gun.
But in my world, packing heat is off-brand.
And we do attack with our Mac.

Surprise, Surprise. Look who’s Marketer of the year. (Where’s George?)
We love those shuffles, and we love the power of the brand.

Everything they do is genius, and this exceptional thinking is reflected in every aspect of the Apple experience. Right out of the box indeed, Apple’s products show the consistency and sophistication infused in their advertising, marketing, design and development. Like a perfect symphony, every detail has been carefully tuned and correctly placed. When you slit the seal on the packaging, when you first plug in and hear the melodic startup, when you skate through the intuitive user interface without needing a manual – everything continues to support Apple’s brand message. And even if you’re forced to pamper a finicky shuffle – who doesn’t like holding court at the Genius bar? It’s all simple, smart and very tomorrow.

Apple continues to remain relevant for business and the business of culture. iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iSight. Yes, it’s all about i, i, i. I just plug and play. I knew that they were truly onto something years ago, when the iPod was first introduced. The price tag was hefty, but so was the cool factor. Soon, headphone companies were copying the iPod’s white wires. Kids on the subway bought these new, cheap headphones to feign iPod cool when actually they were carrying cassette players the size of a King James Bible stuffed in their pockets. Thankfully, with Apple’s pervasive technology, their prices have come down from celestial levels – and even the subway kids can partake of Apple’s genius.

A pause, please for Apple, the iPod.
And the iPod Strut.

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