Tis the season


…for occasional “where’s the love” mail.

And who is Bettina anyway?


Dear Fred,

…. I made about a gazillion dollars (I’m embarassed to say, mostly on me) in purchases at Fred Segal that included multi-digits at your boutique within, Bettina Duncan. I bought a Paciotti Bag that is gorgeous, and well shaped, but unfortunately, the details of the hardware and its signature logo (little swords) on the shoulder grabs on to everything – especially cashmere. (BG: “Who knew? It was a sunny 80 degree day in Santa Monica, and a girl was sleeveless when sampling… who knew those little swords were dangerous. I’m not sure this is good use of brand placement). I immediately brought the bag and its swords back seeking full credit. Your manager or co-worker, ––––– (who shall remain nameless) –––– spouted store policy, and then directed me to “Luis” in West Hollywood, a shoemaker that apparently performs miracles. In the spirit of cooperation and really wanting the specifically hand-picked bag (I can fit everything in it), I took the time to visit Luis who after a quick review, agreed, that this was a manufacturers issue. (I quote his words with thick Italian accent: “defect.”) And to have him (Luis) try to find appropriate replacement hardware was a waste of both his time and a customer’s money. Again, I found myself back at your boutique, still willing to take my money back given the bag was flawed, but again, urged to consider your resources.

Here’s the deal Fred, if you can have the hardware replaced with simple gold circles, great. I will accept the bag. But note, I’m not interested in absorbing any further costs to modify the Paciotti bag, (why on earth alter a design for little old me? Clearly the likes of a Paris doesn’t care about running through their cashmere supply) nor will I accept a credit to Bettina’s boutique (I bought the bag, not a generic ticket to her show. And let’s not forget the cost to me of one “now” pulled cashmere sweater, multi-digit, also purchased that day.).

Attached please find paperwork as given to me regarding this matter. I would appreciate an approximate date of resolve given I remain bagless…

Brand Girl

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