Mopping up at B3


Or is it B3 mopping up?

It’s the day after Christmas and as expected, I’m both exhausted (there is such a thing as too much family) and there’s an article in the NY Times declaring that Holiday sales are off for retailers (yet again). The article also reports: “When customers did splurge, it was on electronics, appliances and home furnishings — which emerged… as the single biggest area of growth this holiday season.”

Mmm. I’m willing to bet a bottle of this, (this being more sought after than a Wii for me) that a closer look at those splurges would show a whole lot of cashing in going on at Bed, Bath & Beyond (B3).

It seems an amazing amount of 20% off coupons have been sprinkled into the universe of a select few. (Did you know? I didn’t know and just like the Sony Playstation 3, didn’t fully understand its appeal with the world at large until smacked in the middle of it all.) There I was on line at the B3 with my sisters and mom, and noticed that everyone before and after us had these $20 off coupons… several people even offered up their extra. (We were in no need as my crowd had Ziplocs full of what seemed to be an endless supply.)

“They are also in all the magazines,” one woman told me. “Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens…” That explains why I was clueless and missed, where’s the Vanity Fair on that list. Exemplifying that point was my gal pal (a la marketing genius, a la mom) nestled high in the hills of Westchester rubbing elbows with the likes of Tucci and Morgan Stanley elite: “If there is no NYer or Cookie in their media buy, it is going to miss me too, honey. I may be stuck in the burbs, but I do not coupon nor do I casserole. (Nor should she.)

Ok, some of us were directly missed, but worth noting is that B3 takes multiple coupons at one ringing, and they will take expired ones too. And get this – B3 also accepts their competitor’s coupons. I have never been in a Linen -n- thing, but the whole scenario smacks of yesterday’s Macys sending customers to Gimbels, and today’s Apple pulling the PC into hug harbor with its goodwill. The B3 coupon blitz almost makes it ill spirited and senseless to shop anywhere else. (Hello people, how on earth could you sell those coupons to another? Ebay, that’s just wrong!)

But 20% off the TRESemme for the hair, Rasinettes for the stockings, or an AeroBed for the occasional sleepover guest – it all adds up. And yes, all to be had at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Yet thank goodness BG is checking in to another market altogether at the very earliest available hour… as there is such a thing as too much discount living.

I’m just saying.

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