Love for the Hoodie

By nature, I’m really not a complainer. But I’m a little lost out here in Santa Monica given the spirit of Christmas – normally spurred by retail – seems so surreal, especially when planted amongst palm trees and sleeveless caroler’s donning scarfs as mere props. Where’s Rudolph? Where’s the snow? Can we please have some real love and need for the hoodie?

So you can only imagine how delighted I was when I first saw Common performed the Gap’s 2006 “Peace Love Gap” rap. The Gap has spent a very noticeable effort in the past few months working on its “do good” messaging, first evident with its global launch of RED and now with “Holiday in the Hood.” No better way to pay homage to the hoodie than with a visual display of personalities that range from Deepak Choprak to Seal to Stephanie Seymour, and O so nicely wrapped together with the ever so comfortable and angelic rapping of Common. Peace Love Gap was written by Common especially for this campaign and produced by the very lovely and luckily all over the place – (A Brand Girl favorite). Like the well-positioned bow on a sought after Tiffany box, the media buy also hits it mark embedding itself in major prime time shows including, hello (another Brand Girl Favorite) – Grey’s Anatomy.

Peace and love will always fill the Gap.


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