I had to be escorted


out of the store.

And no, I was not pulling a Winona from long ago. Nor did I throw a fit about some expired store credit. On the contrary, I was enjoying some mindless activity, lollygaging at Costco as my sister picked up her photos, and Mom some trimmings for those last minute gifts, yet strangely enough, found myself face-to-face with (what I know now is) a very much-sought after Sony Playstation 3…

…and oddly enough a participant in this season’s gift-giving frenzy!!!

Yes, as if intended me for alone, there were five put out on the floor literally at my feet, and so I naturally picked one up, and within moments, and as if on cue and scripted, my sister yells across the store, “Barbara – don’t put that down.” I spun around confused, and like a deer caught in headlights, stunned as both my sister and a Costco employee, (who I’m now convinced was mumbling something not nice about my being a novice), made their way to protect me from what now was a small gathering of sorts. Instinctively, I clutched the box, and not really knowing why or for whom, we preceded to buy the sucker (after all we do have 7 sibs, resulting in numerous nieces, nephews and child-folk. Certainly there must be a need?). And then we were immediately escorted out of the store. (Can you believe?)

I remember searching high and low for the cabbage patch dolls, and when I was younger, that was cute.

But now, Baby Alive,
Wii’s. (That hello folks, are being recalled. I mean “voluntary exchange” as per Nintendo.)
Playstation 3?

what on earth is going on?
ps/ And if anyone needs a Playstation 3, I know where you can get one at cost. But best to act fast… word gets around rather quickly.

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