Flatter to Attract


Attract to flatter? Or matter?

Yesterday, I went to a seminar called the “Celebration of Oneness.” I went because it was out of LA, (celebration of self is always worth a drive – even if just to Pasadena), and there were a string of speakers that included Ariana Huffington, John Gray and Susan Miller. All of which meant a girl had variety and could wait until arrival to decide whether she should celebrate a) men, or b) about the issues with men or, c) maybe about the stars and… its affect on men.

The celebration is in its’ premiere year, so in many ways is still loosely defined, and like most newbies, identifies its self through the appeal of its speakers, and even its audiences by asking continuously: “what does oneness mean to you?”

I’m not sure how attendees responded, but apparently, for the visitors on Saturday and from where I stood, it meant hearing about your planets and stars and buying like a gazillion calendars from Susan Miller. (O, and then waiting like four hours to have her signed them.) I kid you not; Ms. Miller was the star of the party. Granted, she’s a very popular astrologer with a readership of like six million –– (I too read her monthly on a daily basis) –– yet I was still amazed by her rock-star following. People waited four hours to get a signature on her calendar – me included. (Yes, I’m sorry to admit that out loud as I normally won’t do lines, velvet rope or other, but as both a marketer and consumer, I was mesmerized by the pull and power she had, plus the diversity and the loyalty of the group waiting. As I stood there on line (research) flipping through my –– sorry to say –– not so extraordinarily designed calendar (where are the brand girl calendars?) and holding spaces for others while coffee was bought and cell numbers exchanged, I heard woman citing countless stories about spectacular romances on their solar returns, divorces and house deals falling apart during mercury retrogrades, and even was cautioned by one about traveling anytime soon given Jupiter had just passed my 5th house cusp (or something like that). And the extraordinary thing is that these women were astro-groupies (they do this all the time). Hello! I had never met Susan Miller, and so I could in my own warped, self-stranded in Pasadena kind of way, justify the multi-hour wait as research. But what was the draw? Don’t get me wrong, I’m an astrological buff too and love hearing about my celestial houses and travels, but Ms. Miller barely has a few moments with these gals. What could be her few second spin? And so it was finally my moment of truth and chance to finally have a seat. (Thank the lord!) I strut on up, take my long awaited position and without any intro, Ms. Miller (Susan) picks her head up, takes one look at me, grabs the calendar from my hand (all while continuing to stare at me) and flips to my month and finally says: “Hi – with the eyes and lure of an Elizabeth Taylor… skin as smooth and white like porcelain, if you aren’t twice a Pisces, than I’m… wrong.” (Brand Girl. Twice a Pisces.)

Now clasping a just signed Susan Miller calendar, and mystified by my choice of spending the day, and having Ms. Miller, (Susan – whatever) getting me with a “hi”, and dead-on compliment and forecast, I stumbled onto: “The secret.” It smells a bit like “what the bleep.” Its simple, maybe even hokey, but very tried and true content based on the laws of attraction. You create your reality. Thoughts become things. Be grateful for what you have. Focus on what you want, align yourself and receive. Don’t worry about how. Just know what you want. Be clear.

Apparently I needed to be reminded that I had the appeal of an Elizabeth Taylor. It took four hours and then some but hell, that was yesterday’s reality… in Pasadena. (If in NYC, I could had just stumbled into a bar… I’m just sayin’.)


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