2007 Wishes…

bg_sqpost_wish2.jpgNote: for a shorter, succinct spin, read this…

Dear wonderful (brand) angels,

All a brand girl ever wishes for…

10. Peace. Whether removing troops from a foreign land or those parked along a fence with a next door neighbor, place energy on the side where it can make a positive difference. Yet please don’t step on anyone’s toes (or flowers).

9. Can we please find Brand Girl an animatic partner? Her stories are ready to be played for the world at large, and although the customized talking head from SitePal is very nice, I would really like to be able to flail her arms with endless drama, have unlimited wardrobe options and adulterous freedom to command longer rants. (Besides one can only take having her eyes rolled around so much, and all at the mercy of others).

8. Hi there, my beloved Mercedes – can we talk? I know you’re masters of german engineering, but we need to discuss the SLK packages and the revamping of the interior of those convertibles. Your salesfolk pitch availability of a childs seat (I really do need to see this) for the little roadster, but good lord, I can’t fit a purse in that front seat never mind imagine any kind of childfolk. Nor is there any appropriate place to put one’s beverage – (right above the electronic panels, front and center under the rearview mirror doesn’t do much for a girl’s curb appeal, whether it be the woman or car. No one needs Starbucks’s or a Peets cup to be the welcoming party). I really think you need a woman’s touch, and if we start now, a BG package could be ready for 2008. I also think partnering up with Briggs & Riley to do customized luggage for that little old trunk of yours couldn’t hurt…

and btw/ who’s squatting on Brand Girl’s plates!


7. Sirius, if it wasn’t for Coffeehouse, Channel 30, I don’t know what I would do while I sat in traffic on the 405 or for valet at Target. (There can never be too much of KT Tunstall or Lyle Lovett.) But I wish you did have a dedicated channel to tango (both an untapped and growing audience). And – how about a Brand Girl Show? lol. (Hell it’s my wishes, why not shoot for the stars?) I think she would work nicely in your line-up for women along with Candace and Alexis Stewart. Our BG is kinda like… Howard Stern, for your everyday gal… kinda. Or is she really more – as one producer in LA said – “…like the love child of Oprah and Jon Stewart.” (What on earth does that look like?)

6. How about everyone taking on a life-changing project like Angelina, Madonna and Oprah that makes a huge difference? Or support someone’s or someone that you love? Even if it simply means getting to your child’s or niece’s school play, (even if she is just to walk across the stage as a sheep.)

(Foot note here:) Last night I went to see my niece, the sheep, in a school play, and in true aunt brand girl style, the little kindergardener strutted across the venue as oppose to herding with the others who were happily skipping across the stage. She nearly brought the house down when she, the sheep stopped to *yawned*… aren’t they precious?

5. Ocean Potion. Please, please, please, can we think about a redesign of the packaging? You’re by far (in my opinion), the best sunscreen on the market, and I’m tired of getting abused by my friends everytime I pull out that oversized pink and orange bottle of yours. How about a purse size for travel? A Brand Girl limited edition? I promised we can tweak the packaging to still retain it’s original appeal, as well as to the coppertone crowd as well as grab the attention of the Gucci.

4. And speaking of Gucci – where’s my Rush? There’s a rumor that it’s being phased out… (And what’s the rush? I was recently contacted by one name in LA sniffing around for a deal of their own, and research tells me – there’s no shortage of celebrities lining up for their own fragrances. They’re a dime a dozen, but surely royalties must be the draw. Maybe BG should have one too?)

3. And what would be a BG wish list without some reference to George… Can this everyday gal finally determine for once and for all, are you more myth than man? In other words, can we just put the whole George thing to bed already?

2. Brand Girl says, “C’mon Gary, let’s raise the bar, and forget the juice box and screwtops – why not your very own shot?”

But finally number 1 on any Brand Girl’s list, is to fully embrace wherever or whomever she is, (despite no longer being nestled in a brillantly designed and smugged loft in NYC) and do her best to enjoy all opportunities she stirs up (for this one’s remaining 253 days of living in LA), and harbor no regrets.

Afterall, there’s nothing to be gain by regret. (Remember BG, you did exactly what you set out to do – try life differently and in a foreign land.)

But all to be gained by staying present…
and staying present is the only place we really know.
— xoxo
ps/George, let’s not forget — BG wants a date!
And hello – she’s Oscar worthy!

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