Big Time

And I thought Brand Girl was ambitious.

First we had, dance boy setting the internet a buzz with both his hilarious moves and ducks showing how powerful viral marketing can be, even when organic. Then there was the red paper clip that actually propelled one lad to a meeting with snow globe loving Corbin Bernsen and eventually getting a roof over his head. Then we saw great hype over ms lonely girl15, feigning a poor me (btw: Brand Girl does a very good poor me) while in fact she was totally scripted (and I repeat as per the press) – called a hoax. Yet hello, some bought it, and well – I don’t think lonely girl is all that lonely anymore.

And now meet Kevin Johnson, a.k.a famous guy trying his hand, and he does so with a web presence that seems a tad too scrubbed for a guy supposedly just tolling around holiday tins with popcorn (I’m just sayin’). I suspect that there’s some reality show in the works (hey this is LA).

Rob Walker had a great piece in the New York Times a couple weeks back where he examined the question: How does one turned their lifestyle into a business? Apparently it’s easier now that everyone has caught on to the act of “branding” thyself or creating a brand for the sake of entertainment and profit. For many of us, and Brand Girl included, creating such vehicles certainly helps to showcase talent, and for some, pure desire. But you can’t really blame anyone for trying. There’s a great upside in the event your brand does resonate with a greater audience. Check out Pink, and then there was the Fuggers from Los Angeles who were recently invited to NY fashion week. Who knows what is slated for them next.

Is it possible that “famous guy” will get to host the Oscars? Or a billboard in NYC? Or make it – as he channels Peter Gabriel – big time? Brand Girl wishes him much luck in his quest and will be curious to see how famous “famous guy” gets. BUT if Kevin, a.k.a. famous guy gets a billboard – then Brand Girl wants one too!

She’s cuter! (I’m just sayin’!)

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