The devil is in the details

bg_sqpost_devil.jpgLet’s talk about Prada wearing devils. Or is it Devils wearing Prada? Spare me the boring details, spare me your ignorance – you know the movie. It’s a great little flick despite not being as dark nor as devilish as I (or Lauren Weisberger i would think) had hoped. In fact, there seemed to be a wave of Disney to it all. Perhaps that was just the appearance of Anne Hathaway still smacking of too many cinderella meets princess bride roles. (I’m assuming that’s a brand stigma the girl is hoping to eventually shake.) None-the-less, The Devil Wears Prada was fun. But boy, did it make me miss a) NYC, b) my black vamp boots and… c) hello – my 21 rubbermaid bins of designer clothing. So I immediately drove home, and straight to the closet I ran – and dug out the closest thing to Prada I owned. (Accessories don’t count.) And yes, I put on the Gucci Suit and slunk around the apartment channeling my best Paris Hilton. I even promised myself to conduct business in the likes of a suit, despite how casual the rest of LA may continue to lie. And to think I wasn’t even drunk.But kudos to Meryl, Stanley Tucci and – the Devil’s marketing team. Have you checked out the movie’s website? If you did, chances are that right now you are on ebay surveying the potential possibilities to freshen up the wardrobe. Some of you are probably already bidding. Heavily. After all it’s a chance to own Sergio Rossi Suede Pumps while simultaneously helping out a fellow sis in need, all proceeds going to a worthy cause. It’s a beautiful give and take. But the question is… are the clothes really all size 4’s?

Yes, it’s all fun and fab. But I must admit that there seemed to be one brand sponsor glaringly missing from the pack. Good Lord, where was Prada?

Dear Prada,
It occur to Brand Girl that given the extensive media blitz surrounding the release of the movie bearing a similar name, that there was a prime opportunity for your brand to propel such press and possibly… ummm, spread the Prada? I know, I know, but I was thinking that just this once, you could create a little couture for mass market. Maybe you could have partner with
Net-A-Porter and filtered out a limited edition Prada bag in honor of the devil. Not only furthering movie madness, but helping to dignified my sisters who continue to tote around their Canal Street knock-offs as if they were actually Prada. Oh but wait, I think Patricia Field did a devil bag. But hello – it’s not Prada. Or how about a perfume? Oh, I mean parfums. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but you could’ve called it, hmmm… “Prada. (and in a whispery metrosexual voice…) “the devil.” Yes, it seems to me that although the title of the movie alone has garner much attention for your brand, to have ridden the wave a tad harder within a new audience might have better served all parties involved – especially my sisters. It could have been Prada’s one small step to serve womankind at large. (sniff)

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Brand Girl

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