Five brands that got lucky

Effective branding is often a product of sending your message in the right way at the right time. The brands with the most resonant messages have taken note of market conditions and factored them into their communications.

Great branding doesn’t happen in a vacuum unless you’re a Dyson. Brand leaders have to predict what will be important to their audience when their message is in the market. It’s not easy, but several brands are doing it right, right now.

Five brands that are both smart and lucky:

1) Ford Escape Hybrid. Boomers have a tough choice when it comes to cars. They understand the long-term effects of emissions on our environment, but they still have to get the kids to school. Ford made it easy on them by developing the Escape Hybrid – an SUV even the tree-huggers can hug – and by sending the message via Kermit the Frog, an icon to those in the carseats as well as the driver’s seat.

2) Tab Energy. Normally, I don’t drink anything pink. But I may make an exception. This cola-slash-energy-drink is targeted to women, but the shot of caffeine combined with the notorious history of the original Tab give it a hint of bad-boy glamour. It has herbs, it has caffeine. It’s bad for you, it’s good for you. Perfect for today’s conflicted culture. Fuel to be fabulous, indeed.

3) Home Depot. Society is fascinated with makeovers – whether it be a fresh coat of paint for the nails or bedroom. And Home Depot knows that. You can do it continues to be their rally and speaks well to both the mr. I can do it in my spare time and the professional contractor. Home Depot knows a solid foundation will withstand any shift in a temperamental housing market or America’s pastimes.

4) FedEx. Relax they say, and relax you can, even if you are a nation of control freaks. FedEx understands that having reliable and simple solutions for navigating a complex marketplace is a must. And that at the end of the day, it’s all about delivery. Like their acquisition of Kinkos, which has proven to be more genuis than smart, FedEx continues to pave the way with relevant business solutions that make it easier to breathe.

5) In-n-Out. Time is everything, but then again, so is freshness. Well suited for today’s healthy fast food junkie, this family owned burger joint knows that in a world of process, process, process – that fresh off the grill, fresh off the farm and fresh out of the oven is what continues to work for their market. Quality, freshness, and service has been the tradition and remains the cornerstone of in-n-out’s that keeps it timely.

We all know that luck is often the product of hard work. Or, as McDonald’s founder and brandfather Ray Kroc put it, ‘the more you sweat, the luckier you get.

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