Five brands to love

bg_hzp_love.jpgForget conventional methods of romancing your audience, today, strength in advertising most often comes from strength in branding – whether you are a corporate giant or a mom-and-pop shop.

So, what’s to love in branding today?

1) Mercedes Benz: Consistency. Mercedes are known for their quality, performance, service, and great style – from beginning to end. The brand image they project is reflected in every aspect, from the advertising to the dealership to service.

2) The Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles: Seduction. The Mondrian was a pioneer for far more than boutique hotels. Right from the start, the Mondrian knew to deliver an (brand) experience that seduced and captivated their customer on all levels. They never chased demographics but instead catered to a lifestyle, thereby creating a culture and establishing relevance.

3) Target: Focus and commitment. Who doesn’t love someone that knows where they’re going? Target knows it’s not about trying to be everything to everyone… it’s about customizing your message based on your audience and delivering that message. Target continues to serve up what people want most from them: affordable, efficient and styling options.

4) Apple: Approachability. Apple is always at the right place, at the right time – with the right product, and just so available. Their retail stores replete with theaters, and a bounty of products to test drive the latest technology are safe destinations for all, tech junkie or not. It’s this simple, smart and understated approach that continues to make Apple so irresistible: whether it be the lure of the iPod or the cute Mac Genuises holding court at the bars.

5) Kiehl’s: Trust. Kiehl’s secret for success lies in their generous sampling. They don’t make promises. They rely on their product. Kiehl’s knew the best way to win the customer’s loyalty was to build their trust – and to have them try products on. And that’s why Kiehl’s customers never leave the store empty-handed.

Add them all up – consistency, seduction, focus and commitment, approachability and trust – and they’d make for a pretty good personal ad, or, in the case of the products, a pretty great brand.

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